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Property Transactions 5.11.18


East Line Rd., Benedict Rd., $4,178,744.
East Line LLC sold property to Brooks Heritage LLC.

134 McLean St., $260,000.
Victoria Jasinski sold property to John and Renee Menzie.

558 Hop City Rd., $272,875.
John and Alice Broderick sold property to Fabrizia Rodriguez. 

30 Stablegate Dr., $570,443.
Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property
to Todd Curtis.

27 Beechwood Dr., $219,000.
Diane Hoyt (by Atty) sold property to Rylee Wheeler and Aaron Greth. 

77 Lancaster Court, $332,408.
Traditional Homebuilders and Developers Inc. sold property to Michael Hart and Mary Gorman. 


4 Hillandale Dr., $210,000.
David and Theresa Ristau and Anthony Maddalone sold property to Christine Polisnelli. 

603 Sweetman Rd., $465,000.
Brian Rumrill sold property to Steven and Jennifer Pickard.


29 Wall St., 37 Wall St., $60,000.
Roger Dayton sold property to Geraldine Randall. 

300 W. Maple St., $39,000.
MTGLQ Investors LP (by Atty) sold property to Scott Ashline and Debra Peterson.

County Route 24, $90,000.
Beatrice Fenton (by Admin) sold property to Bryan and Paula Clothier. 

258 Main St. $100,000.
Frederick and Cynthia Longinetti sold property to Yi Zheng. 

418 County Route 10, $159,574.
Gonen Yohananof sold property to Kevin Shippee. 

668 County Route 25, $188,900.
Jason Longton sold property to Scott Augustson. 

55 Hack Rd., $150,000.
Kevin Shippee sold property to Betty Johnston. 

5191 Route 9N, $335,000.
Steven and Jamie Elder sold property to Idrees and Hanif Khan. 


69 Brigham Rd., $629,000.
Lucio Ditoro (as Trustee) sold property to Kenneth and Diane Taub. 

11 Bloomfield Rd., $62,500.
William McNeary III (by Trustee) sold property to Frederick McNeary Jr. 

200 Bockes Rd., $15,000.
Lu Ann Brownell sold property to Keith and Jacqueline Harris. 

139 North Greenfield Rd., $350,000.
John and Tara Grant sold property to Abigail Stein and Randall Berkebile. 

150 North Greenfield Rd., $436,500.
Philip Stacey and Sherry Hoffman sold property to Daniel and Janet Bell. 


13 Lake Ridge Dr. $370,000.
Emmett and Jayne McCarthy sold property to Kevin and Claudette Kotarski. 

113 Arrow Wood Place, $195,000.
William and Melissa McGuiggan (by Agent) sold property to William Azzoto. 

520 East Line Rd., $299,800.
Anthony and Gina Curcio sold property to Douglas and Ashley Nathe. 

1 Admirals Way, $612,500.
Kevin and Anne Halpin sold property to Manuel and Josenia Tan. 

54 Yachtsman Way, $449,320.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Paul and Donna Picard. 

18 Vettura Court, $80,000.
Lecmor Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 

15 Carlyle Court, $329,896.
James and Kathryn Pellett sold property to Eric Elky. 

2 Wooden Court, $355,595.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Lisa and Dennis Waldron, Sr.

494/498 Route 67, $450,000.
James Sadowski, III (as Trustee) sold property to Manish Mehta and Beulah Puthuparampil. 


24 Pinehollow Dr., $258,000.
Peter and Emily Leonhardt sold property to Sandra Sawyer.

1389 Armer Rd., $267,000.
Andrew Demskie and Julia Harrington sold property to Louis and Dawn Smith.


171 Russell Rd., $149,350.
Danny and Gina Smith sold property to Craig Macdonald. 

1111 Trask Lane, $60,000.
Neilson Road LLC sold property to Pipino Builders LLC. 

1184 NYS Route 9P, $540,000.
Michael Urvalek sold property to Deirdre Russell. 

NYS Route 9P, $40,000.
Kingdom Trust Co. (Custodian FBO Michael Urvalek Roth IRA) sold property to Deirdre Russell. 


112 Lincoln Ave., $265,000.
Catherine Scheer (by Agent) sold property to Boghosian Bros Inc. 

182 Regent St. $410,000.
Michael and Julie Longo sold property to Timothy and Lynn Strang.

19 Arrowhead Rd., $615,000.
Gregg Chottiner and Merodie Hancock sold property to Chloe and Ned Jaleel. 

124 Grand Ave., $615,000.
Mark Chappell and Keirsa Johnson Chappell sold property to Nicholas Torres.

3 Red Oak Trail, $193,000.
Jason and Lauren Witeck sold property to Philip and Keri Dudek. 

66 Tamarack Trail, $229,500.
Shannon Connors sold property to Michael, Tracy and Mackenzie Shannon. 

38 High Rock Ave., Unit 5F, $1,100,000.
High Rock Condominiums LLC sold property to Haiyang Tao and Yuan Chen. 

4 Briarwood Dr., $227,000.
Kevin and Courtney Myers sold property to Jay and Zachary Scarborough. 

77 Hathorn Blvd., $140,000.
Maria Maistrellis sold property to Jessica Matteson. 

12 Lamplighter Lane, $137,500.
S. McIntyre LLC sold property to William and Susan Otis and Joseph and Kelly Hayes. 

Lot 13 Shaw Dr., $150,000.
DGD Holdings LLC sold property to Ralph and Priscilla Dallara. 

166 Circular Dr., $240,000.
Paul, Sharon, Justin and Jonathan Satkowski sold property to Jonathan and Heather Satkowski. 


5 Whitney Rd., South, $348,000.
Patrick and Susan Hudkins sold property to Timothy and Jennifer Thate. 

88 Brickhouse Rd., $155,000.
Debbie Beaulieu sold property to Brooke Stark and Rourk Marlow. 

24 Whitney Rd., $292,500.
Glenn and Trisha Sheehy sold property to Heidi and Christopher Underwood. 

35 Whitney Rd. South, $340,000.
Lee Brown (by Exec) and Pamela Burt sold property to Glenn and Trisha Sheehy. 

112 Hudson Ave., $36,000.
Vivian Stanley (by Admin) sold property to John LeClaire. 

33 Whitney Rd. South, $359,750.
Aaron and Kristen Allen sold property to Michael and Lauren Hastings. 

90 West St., $135,000.
Rita Wierzbowicz (by Admin) sold property to Yvonne and Paul Bastian. 


97 Cobble Hill Dr., $361,000.
Rocky Fittizzi and Sara Paupini sold property to Gary and Stephanie Battell. 

13 Timberlane Dr., $167,000.
James Murray sold property to James Murray. 

385 Gurn Springs Rd., $1,850,000.
Wood Stone Gansevoort LLC sold property to Coldbrook at Saratoga LLC. 

34 Santee Dr., $320,000.
Christopher and Victoria Gilroy sold property to Thomas and Justina McNamara. 

41 Traver Rd., $225,000.
William and Judy Morris sold property to Jessica Hanehan.

4272 Route 50, $210,000.
Durrin Inc. sold property to High Peaks Holdings LLC.

26 Kings Mills Rd., $389,900.
Peter Kalker sold property to Gabriel and Diana Radu.

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Property Transactions

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