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Property Transactions 4.13.18


6 Kaleen Dr., $327,300.
Cicero Home Builders LLC sold property to Kristofer and Charlene DuBuque.

1445 Route 50, $185,000.
Louis and Dawn Smith sold property to Mourningkill Properties LLC. 


11 Cobble Court, $185,000.
Matthew Horner sold property to Renee Davin. 

4100 Foxwood Dr., $184,525.
Arnold Elman (Ind and as Trustee) and Toby Elman (Ind and as Trustee) sold property to James and Mary McBride. 

1 Easton Dr., $289,341.
Sandra Smith sold property to Maria and Peter McCabe. 

23 Baltusrol Dr., $292,500.
Danish Faruqui sold property to Scott Christian. 

49 Westchester Dr., $160,000.
Dennis O’Connor sold property to Greg Leguire and Jori Figueroa.

7 Jarose Place, $420,000.
Luis and Dianna Torres sold property to Zhanfei Liu and Yao Wang. 

21 Lexington Dr., $215,000.
William Shumway and Mary Uber Shumway sold property to Brendon Shaver.

633 Bruno Rd., $185,000.
John Furlow (by Exec) sold property to John Knowlton.


40 Comstock Rd., $325,000.
Leonard and Melissa Sandwick sold property to Tyler and Kelly Nicholson. 

233 Miner Rd., $45,000.
Christopher Symonds sold property to Richard and Alyssa Facteau.


Whitesides Rd., $32,000.
Robin Collyer sold property to William Smith and Danielle Haskell. 

2611 Route 29, $199,000.
William and Christine Cook sold property to Kimberlee Williams.


22 Delta Way, $382,500.
Khaled Bahei Eldin and Nermeen Sedky sold property to Byoung Min and Min Cho.

55 Hampton Circle, $350,000.
Loot Lucrative LLC sold property to David and Kathleen Putz. 

8 Pineview Lane, $43,819.
Kathleen Rosiak, Paul Kiely, and Edward Kiely sold property to Edward and Kathleen Rosiak and
Paul Kiely. 

10 Eleanor Court, $505,000.
Kenneth and Donna Cook sold property to MD Rahim and Cynthia Amin. 

125 Canal Rd., $220,000.
Roberta Halliday (by Exec) sold property to Nicholas Capobianco. 

7 Placid Place, $406,705.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Andrew Korhun (as Trustee) and Larissa Sheffler (as Trustee). 

149 Guideboard Rd., $128,750.
Mary Francis sold property to Patricia Trowbridge. 

Pineview Lane Rear, $683.
Kathleen Rosiak, Paul Kiely and Edward Kiely sold property to Edward and Kathleen Rosiak and Paul Kiely. 


11 Foxglove Way, $358,000.
Darlene Denooyer sold property to Bryan Egan and Devin McNeill. 

19 Coronado Way, $420,000.
David Puckette and Laurie O’Neil Puckette sold property to Maureen Harrigan. 

18 Evans Rd., $286,000.
Mary Kopp (by Guardian) sold property to Mary Grupinski and Mace Saltarelli. 

18 Century Dr., $450,000.
David Stack and Michael Parzych sold property to John and Janine Quinn. 

37 Bayberry Dr., $320,000.
Colleen O’Bryan Holmes sold property to Jeffrey and Jenna Capalbo. 

85 Thimbleberry Rd., $186,000.
Thomas Wallace sold property to Christine Guyette. 

2 Prospect Ave., $70,000.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Neil Pedersen.


676 Stark Terrace, $325,900.
Diane Russell sold property to Robert and Sarah Wolverton. 


38 Wilson Ave., $145,000.
A Plus Estates LLC sold property to Patience Morris. 

8 Adams Rd., $172,500.
Gordon Dupuis sold property to Lisa Stock. 

16 Charles St., $85,000.
U.S. Bank National Association (As Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Ely Atherton. 

20 Michael Rd., $242,000.
Acclaim Property Management LLC sold property to Michael Brockway and Tira Benedict. 


233 Hayes Rd., $320,000.
Norma and Arthur Thivierge, Jr. sold property to Wesley Leubner and Logan Carr. 

118 BurkeRd., $407,000.
Edwin and Maureen Durie sold property to Paul Schoenfelder. 

240 Fitch Rd., $465,000.
William Wilmot and Joan Tylor sold property to Ground Thunder Properties LLC. 

109 Hill St., $50,000.
Bank of America (by Atty) sold property to Wilame Piteri. 

108 Chelsea Dr., $405,000.
Timothy and Melissa Williams sold property to Jeffrey and Nicole Winacott. 


12 Richard Ave., $150,000.
DGD Holdings LLC sold property to Igor and Ilona Osherov. 

42 Sicada St., $412,000.
Matthew and Amanda Twinam sold property to Michael and Elizabeth Selkis. 

11 Woodland Court, $260,000.
Donald Sevits (by Exec) sold property to Tamada Estates LLC. 

130 Kaydeross Park Rd., $390,000.
Milli Macy sold property to Carrie Hardman. 

2 Birch Run Dr., $508,250.
William Dagostino sold property to Lisa and William Noonan, Jr. 

253 W. Circular St., $475,000.
Robert and Karen Stehlin sold property to Jon Zilka.


18B Kellogg Rd., $249,000.
Joseph and Irene Zecca sold property to Stephen Anuszewski and Joan Allen Anuszewski. 

Hudson Ave., $260,000.
Darren Dyer sold property to Gregory and Katherine Strope. 


8 Cider Mill Way, $483,410.
Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Jennifer Dabiere.

392 Gurn Springs Rd., $380,000.
Michael Passarella and Wendy Mark sold property to Karen Dockal and Felice Trifaro, Jr. 

30 Cobble Hill Dr., $330,000.
Peggy West (as Guardian and Trustee) sold property to 36 Cobble Hill LLC.

31 Hopeful Lane, $255,000.
Nora and Robert Ketcham, Jr. sold property to Brian and Aissa Terry. 

364 Ruggles Rd., $520,000.
ER Design Build LLC sold property to John and Faith Parker. 

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Property Transactions

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