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Property Transactions 10/27/17


37 Lakehill Rd., $191,000. Rachel Ferrer sold property to Jonathan and Janna Bedel. 

701 North Ave., $221,000. Derik and Kristen Goodmore sold property to Christopher and Katelynn Attanasio. 


143 Ashdown Rd., $295,000. David and Sharon Pappas sold property to Kevin and Kelly Rockwood. 

13 Old Plank Rd., $150,000. Reid Miller sold property to Daniel Lill, Jr. 

1515 Route 146, $315,000. Jill Ollari sold property to Christopher Wild.

15 Sturbridge Ct., $269,000. David and Breann Parseghian sold property to Daniel and Jared Parseghian. 

5 Old Coach Rd., $258,000. Jarid and Kerry Colucci sold property to Terri Hiltz and Scott Kokaly. 

8 Wall St., Unit 239, $197,250. Clifton Park Senior Living LLC sold property to Daniel and Arlene Cole.

5 Terrace Court, $331,000. Krista Furguson and David Haley sold property to Eric Morales and Michelle Buonanno. 

669 Bruno Rd., $349,900. Mark and Dorline Rokjer sold property to Scott Weatherwax and Elizabeth Curren. 

230 Lapp Rd., $271,000. Sergey Sandul sold property to Seth Lasky. 

17 Firestone Lane, $326,000. Christopher and Christine Alonge sold property to Alan and Janine Giudici. 

3 Morgan Court, $399,900. Linus and Haejin Jang sold property to Xingjun Chen and Jianjing Lin. 

142 Innisbrook Dr., $367,500. Kavi and Kajni Kaul sold property to Mallikarjun Karadge and Nietu Marigowdara. 

748 Charlton Rd., $370,000. Aiman Alkurabi sold property to John Janikas. 

34 Vischer Ferry Rd., $253,350. Kristanna Loken sold property to Beth Lacy. 


198 Lemont Ave. $206,000. Lisa Hoffman sold property to Lindsey Bedell. 


1691 NYS Rt 29, $207,000. James and Mel Briele sold property to Kevin O’Bryan. 


Wilsey Rd., Lot B 99, $40,000. Jessa Lena sold property to William and Carrie Slack. 

3 Annacrest Dr., $32,000. Walter and Dorothy Barney (as Co-Trustees) sold property to Old Sawmill LLC. 

25 Hyspot Rd., $142,500. Claire Bullis sold property to Joseph Fitzgerald.

11 Canyon Crossing Rd., $351,000. Jacqueline Jackson sold property to Christopher and Morgan Lansing. 

17 Main St., $65,500. Peter Brandenstein and Sharon Robinson-Brandenstein sold property to David and Jennifer Jensen. 

99 Alpine Meadows Rd., $20,800. Diane Supple and Francine Gradziel sold property to Susan Fudger.

72 Lincoln Mountain Rd., $22,500. Kurt and Laura Paul sold property to Bret and Colleen Young. 

288 Miner Rd., $250,000. Scott Williams, Sr., (by Admin) sold property to Warren Engloff and Joan Genchi. 

15 Mill St., $138,297. Kristin and Thomas Michaels sold property to Nicholas Fredenburg. 


11 Lake Ave., $599,000. Ivy and Paul Gallacchi, III sold property to James and Chrystina Monte.

206 Thimbleberry Rd., $199,500. Kathryn Skanes sold property to Nikita Valcik. 

79 Pepperbush Place, $167,500. Jessica McNamara sold property to Eric Magnano.

5 Suntree Park, $327,000. Arnaud Bousquet (by Agent) and Andrea Vieira (by Agent) sold property to Noor Saujauddin.

183 Thimbleberry Rd., $160,000. Kevin Kissane sold property to Kristin Carminati. 

18 Nostalgia Lane, $352,464. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (As Trustee By Atty) sold property to Jon Spisak. 

5 Bellflower Rd., $225,000. Michael and Candace Stefanik sold property to Brian and Jenna Macri. 


102 West High St., $129,000. Daniel Johnsen sold property to 1329 West High Street LLC. 

2 Linden Lane, $220,400. University and Green LLC sold property to Cheryl Diaz. 

243 Meadowlark Dr., $277,500. Debra Carkner sold property to Amanda Blodgett.

122 Kayaderosseras Dr., $317,500. Timothy and Kimberly Hipwell sold property to Rory and Kathryn McCabe.

723 Burgoyne Ave., $344,900. Genaro and Joan Lambert sold property to Tanya and William Hickey, Jr. 

129 Kayaderosseras Dr., $326,810. Jason and Emily Straight sold property to Bret Liszewski. 

48 Skylark Dr., $290,000. Hope Bamford (by Agent) sold property to Robert DeVoe, Jr. 

11 Pleasant St., $192,900. Diane Berube sold property to David and Judith Covey. 

15 Ballston Ave., $202,000. Todd Crouch sold property to Matthew and Jennifer Cubell. 

320 Jatski Dr., $437,500. Brian and Melanie Osterhout sold property to James, Marilyn and Karen Smiley.

505 Elk Circle, $185,000. Jared DeMagistris sold property to Kyle, Ashley, James and Margaret Washock.

751 Route 29, $230,000. Valerie Miller sold property to Dale and Amber Trojan. 

587 Grand Ave., $335,000. John Paskalides (Ind and As Atty) and Aline Paskalides (by Atty) sold property to David Topino.


157 Fort Edward Rd., $65,000. Wilimgton Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, By Atty) sold property to Patrick Dee. 

166 Main St., $100,000. Larry and Linda Leturgez, sold property to Kenneth Beecher. 

30 Barrington Dr., $385,000. Robert Grinnell (Ind and As Atty) and Denise Grinnell (by Atty) sold property to Juan Semanate and Paola Valenzuela. 

5 Doe Run, $273,500. Roger and Ellen Dziengeleski sold property to Corey Martiniano and Rena McFarlane. 

85 Harrison Ave., $164,800. Rose Kobor sold property to Summer Fazzone. 


70 Railroad Place, Unit 608, $1,194,950. Jeffrey Ridha sold property to David and Michele Agahigian. 

5 Orenda Spring Dr., $210,000. Marcia Beach sold property to My Nguyen. 

28 White St., $495,000. 28-32 White Street LLC sold property to Brien and Cynthia Hollowood. 

22 Winners Circle, $237,000. Paul Scutieri sold property to Konrad and Anna Gdowska. 

119 Van Dam St., $375,000. Kathryn Gorman sold property to Dennis Gosier and Tiffany Britt. 

10 Skyward Dr., $1,254,340. Munter Land Holdings LLC sold property to Twinbrook Realty LLC. 

136 Adams St., $470,000. Bonnie Smith sold property to Lou Rondinello, Eugene Jacobowski and Ronald Black.

56 Hathorn Blvd., $185,000. Norman and Diane Webster sold property to Robert and Tara Mount. 

3 Pamela Lane, $488,995. Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to Diane Webb. 

10 Sunset Dr., $165,000. Peter Cahill sold property to Wayne and Jennifer Hussey.

34 Circular St., $575,000. Citibank (As Trustee) sold property to CFM 25 Industrial Inc. 


20 Secretariat Lane, $271,000. Patricia Nugent (As Trustee) sold property to Michael Mauer.

22 Independence Row, $220,000. Christopher and Carrie Dambro sold property to Kailyn Sisco. 

29 County Route 75, $223,000. Vincent and Carol Borden sold property to Shelby Hansen. 

11 Neilson Ave., $136,740. Lisa Luther sold property to Christine Viall and Nicole Alger. 


12 Commerce Park Dr., $100,000. KLN LLC sold property to Granite and Marble Works Inc. 

13 Trolley Bed Lane, $210,000. Richard and Christine Wolfe sold property to Mark and Erica Pritchard. 

14 Fenimore Place, $413,500. Sean and Jennifer Smith sold property to Jason and Emily Straight.

21 Preserve Way, $540,000. Maria Vargas Zoas sold property to Brett and Rebekah Nelson. 

33 Timbira Dr., $310,000. Roland and Patricia Laffert sold property to Steven Hutter.

17 Thunder Run, $315,000. HWGIK LLC sold property to Lee and Colleen Park. 

89 Parkhurst Rd., $410,459. 740 Route 9 LLC sold property to John and Kathryn Cannone. 

13 Whispering Pines Rd., $183,900. Shawn and Tracy Lescault sold property to Paulina Grinnell. 

16 Whirlaway Blvd., $294,500. Daniel and Beaudoin sold property to Leslie Levesque. 

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Property Transactions

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