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Property Transactions 10/6/17


139 Goode St., $169,900. William Plaus (by Exec) sold property to Robert and Dawn Serafini.

197 Lake Rd., $990,000. Rosemary Katz sold property to Eric and Megan McMahon. 

293 Middleline Rd., $380,000. Insource East Properties Inc. sold property to James Metz. 

319 Kingsley Rd., $234,500. Michael and Julie Kinsella sold property to Megan Boyak. 

78 Lancaster Court, $281,085. JKM Builders LLC sold property to Rosemarie and Michael Falkenburgh. 

4 Lancaster Court, $371,000. Stanislov and Tatiana Solovieva sold property to Yusheng Bian. 

146 Round Lake Rd., $240,000. Christopher Wills sold property to Laura Dwyer.

40 Beacon St., $269,900. Tia Tucciarone sold property to Maureen Moffett. 

115 Hop City Rd., $300,000. Jeffrey and Lisa Delano sold property to Russell and Sarah Adkins. 

81 McLean St., $169,900. George and Sandra Stanislowsky sold property to Alana Traver. 

104-105 Seelye Dr., $276,000. Charles Schult sold property to TM Brewster LLC. 


29 Plaid Place, $231,000. William and Nancy Vanwinkle (by Atty) sold property to Edwin Lee. 

17 Blue Spruce Lane, $284,000. Michael and Arin Damelio sold property to Hone Safier. 

5 Eagles Glen, $354,000. Justin Linnan sold property to Qin Zhong and Jian Gao. 

Dynamic Financial Enterprises LLC, Constance Morre (Ind and as Trustee) and Dwight Hayes (as Trustee) sold property to Jin Chen and Xin Zhu. 

27 Westchester Dr., $185,500. Gary and Rosemary Baum sold property to Sarah Roehr.

21 Evergreen Ave., $280,100. Mary and Pat Harper sold property to Boh Terng and Yun Zhao. 

 3 Crossing Blvd., $12,730,000. TST Albany Mob LLC sold property to Medproperties Albany LLC. 

12 Stockton Court, $185,000. Chemung Canal Trust Company sold property to William Hamel.

1759 Route 9, $3,000,000. Ostoja Vucetic sold property to Amedore Golfpark LLC. 

11 Garnsey Rd., $337,500. Karl and Joann Ives sold property to Pedro Flores and Renee Krug.

3 Newburry Court, $310,000. Francis and Loris Martin (Co-Trustees) sold property to John S Novak and Barbara A Novak Family Trust.

16 Carriage Rd., $145,910. Johnathan Phoummany sold property to US Bank National Association (as Trustee). 

5 Stratford Court, $352,000. Faris and Bernadette Bazzari sold property to Paul and Jennifer Duval. 

49 Redfield Park, $380,000. Daniel and Jeanne Cornell (Co-Trustees) sold property to Keiko and Shiniciro Kakita. 

8 Wall St., Unit 313, $194,900. Clifton Park Senior Living LLC sold property to John and Marilyn Fuhr. 

109 Tallow Wood Dr., $180,000. Nicholina Akello and Zeverin Emagalit sold property to Yuwen Wang and Wei Shi. 

36 Heritage Pointe Dr., $473,006. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Minh Nguyen. 


315 Center St., $70,000. US Bank Trust (as Trustee by Atty) sold property to Cory and Debra Palmatier. 

400 Oak St., $100,000. Robert Palmer sold property to Bent Bar LLC.

29 Pine St., $104,856. Rose Farr sold property to US Bank Trust (as Trustee). 

23 Walnut St., $165,000. John and Erika Coltrain sold property to Gary and Susan Horwedel. 

20 West Mechanic St., $123,000. Sharon West sold property to Wendy Taylor. 

220 Ash St., $113,500. Audre Jones (by Exec) sold property to John Devine and Joanne Lanne. 

701 County Route 25, $185,400. Michael and Serita Clark sold property to Samantha Bornitzke. 


2004 Route 9N, $52,500. Karl Wendell, Jr. sold property to Michael Chandler.

99 Hyspot Rd., $1,300,000. John and Rose Brennan sold property to Kevin and Claudia (Co-Trustees). 

25 Lady Slipper Lane, $90,000. Toni Lindstead sold property to Samuel and Ashley Ellis. 

19 Lester Lane, $340,000. Dawn and Charles Slye, Jr. sold property to Joseph and Kaley Russell. 

24 Old Stone Bridge Rd., $1,675,000. Dean and Karen Little and Middlegrove LLC sold property to Rocco and Margaret DiBianco. 


17 Wake Robin Rd., $152,875. Jon and Juliette DeTemple sold property to Ashlee Lasher.

58 Vettura Ct., $80,000. Lecmor Resdiential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 

59 Wake Robin Rd., $100,000. Iris Millett sold property to Scott Roberts. 

4 Wooden Court, $336,405. Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Edmund Rohrmeier and Amanda Litwin. 

4146 Silver Beach Rd., $103,000. Robert and Renee DeCelle sold property to Kevin and Allison Manz. 

14 Glade Mallow Rd., $252,000. Kirk and Mary Ann Halstead sold property to Lizabeth Cole. 

8 Lake Ridge Dr., $411,000. James and Nickilina Moryl sold property to Wei Shi and Yuwen Wang. 

61 Wineberry Lane, $257,500. Robert and Christine Maloy sold property to Michael and Judith VanPatten. 

62 Admirals Way, $542,418. Malta Land Company sold property to Jeffrey Hardwick and Michelle Gifford. 

1164 Laurel Lane, $236,500. Solomon Makwara sold property to American International Relocation Solutions LLC. 

1164 Laurel Lane, $236,500. American International Relocation Solutions LLC sold property to Rebecca Paskewich. 

109 Thimbleberry Rd., $192,000. Jillian Petercsak sold property to Tia Tucciarone. 


216 Whitetail Court, $179,000. Eric Kurpiel sold property to Emily Kenna.

89 Deer Run Dr., $161,500. Mark Hillman and Jeffrey and Dorothy Balancio sold property to Stephen Dautel. 

27 Red Oak Lane, $184,900. Samuelo Capuano, Sr. sold property to Kathy Lynch. 

12 South St., $102,500. Francis and Robert Richard sold property to Audra Bennett and Philip DeFiglio.

92 Deer Run Dr., $150,000. Robert Klug, Jr. sold property to Benjamin and Justina Norero. 

292 Meadowlark Dr., $272,000. Terry and Christine Henry sold property to Cody Arisumi.

6 Pleasant St., $390,773. Matthew and Jessica Dana sold property to Mark Murray.

48A Union St., $22,500. Tanya Warren sold property to Schuyler LLC.

31 Icabod Lane, $325,000. Rebecca and Daniel McGinnis, Jr. sold property to Nicholas and Jennifer Breitzka. 


3 Inlander Rd., $400,000. Ethel Laforge (as Trustee) and Jane Schwerd (as Trustee) sold property to Mariesa Coppola. 

97 East Ave., Unit 201, $299,500. Excelsior East LLC sold property to Michele Morris. 

30 Whistler Court, Unit 231, $620,500. Kent and Ilene Friedman sold property to US Bank National Association (as Trustee). 

9 King Arthur Court South, $345,000. Andrew Pemrick and Trisha Pravata sold property to Thomas and Christine Blanch. 

47 Court St., $505,000. Heather Rodabaugh sold property to Edward and Lisa Rovetto. 

18 Division St., $419,000. Harold Gordon and Donna Withey sold property to Inmywheel House LLC.

52 Wagon Wheel Trail, $244,000. Bruce and Lynn Mervine sold property to Phil and Catherine Pandori. 

421 Church St., $439,000. James and Taryn Manuele sold property to Thomas Haley.

11 Myrtle St., $335,000. Brian and Dena Wagner (by Atty) sold property to Steven and Meghan Nieminski. 

54 Oak St., $190,000. Joann Augustine sold property to Nicholas McGrady. 

4 Pearl St., $345,000. Gary and Dianne Zatkovich (Co-Trustees) sold property to Nancy Sciocchetti and Emma Sciocchetti-Townsend. 

30 Whistler Court, Unit 212, $355,000. Judith and Roger Goodman (Co-Trustees) sold property to Arlene and Robert Connolly. 

3 Locust Grove Rd., $508,000. US Bank Trust (as Trustee by Atty) sold property to Christopher Emdin and Ebone Brown-Emdin. 


1 Native Dancer Lane, $355,000. Michael Pierotti sold property to Celbianca Flores and Christopher Nash. 

45 Lakepoint Way, Lot 47, $348,069. Mason Street LLC sold property to Gina Longo (as Trustee).

1093 Hudson Ave., $200,610. David and Kristen Reaume sold property to Jason Mastropietro. 

Gronczniak Rd., Rear, $5000. Edwrad Gemmiti sold property to Paul, Andrea and Scott Willson. 

321 NYS Route 67, $50,000. John and Theresa Fiorino sold property to Bruce Tanski. 

656 NYS Route 9P, $237,000. Nancy Baker sold property to Camila Zubieta


4 Sydney Hill Rd., $562,000. Paul and Donna Picard sold property to Viane Lizza.

222 North Rd., $60,000. Samuel and Viola Wahnon sold property to Benjamin and Elizabeth Ladd. 

2 Rolling Green Dr., $100,000. Goodhue Wilton Properties Inc. sold property to Seth and Tanika Warden. 

17 Saw Mill Court, $438,255. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Jonathan and Patricia Becker.

6 Paddington Dr., $600,000. William and Susan Jeffreys sold property to Pamela Byrne.

18 Killarney Court, $384,000. Robert and Arlene Connolly sold property to Judith and Roger Goodman (Co-Trustees). 

44 Whirlaway Blvd., $63,336. Michael and Sandra Coon sold property to Sandra Coon. 

8 Woodlake Dr., $165,000. Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee by Atty) sold property to Rehab A Home LLC. 

6 Eighteenth Pass, $50,000. George Arakelian and Michael Dennis (by Exec) sold property to CGM Construction Inc. 

6 Eighteenth Pass, $478,500. CGM Construction Inc. sold property to Richard and Jill Boehler.

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Property Transactions

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