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Property Transactions 5/19/17


19 Martin Ave., $289,000. Michael Badger sold property to Linda and Thomas Clark

23 Marlyn Dr. $179,000. Daniel and Kathleen Appolo sold property to Vanessa Vero

 1 Horseshoe Bend, $440,459. Legacy Custom Home LLC sold property to Anthony Medici and Jennifer Micillo

118 Midline Rd., $340,000. Catherine Schafer sold property to Peter and Kathleen Sacco

Clifton Park

52 Grant Hill Court, $250,500. Randy Costales and Sheila Carattini sold property to Marie Barker

122 East Side Dr. $200,000. Jimmie and Leslie Daniels sold property to Michael Hazard

168 Tallow Wood Dr. $200,000. Jeffrey and Jason Bethon sold property to Howard Nichols

17 Hidden Crest Court, $30,000. Gail Gold sold property to Kenneth Gellhaus

18 Beresford Rd., $441,000. Allen and Ellen Bello sold property to Robert and Lesley Brandt

2 Brian Dr., $407,500. James and Talitha Breitinger sold property to Dennis and Margaret Pallotolo

7 Skybrook Circle, $441,000. Jahnavi Jilledumudi and Karthi Subramaniyan sold property to Cartus Financial Corporation

7 Skybrook Circle, $441,000. Cartus Financial Corp. sold property to Xiuhe Song and Lixia Lei

2 Chillmark Turn, $482,000. Sirva Relocation Credit LLC sold property to Hyuck Hong and Jooyeon Lee

18 Par Del Rio, $288,500. Suzanne Bendick sold property to Matthew Parrella

25 Nottingham Way South, $303,000. Suzann Smart sold property to Adam and Jennifer Shami

784 Grooms Rd., $358,000.David Helmer and Janani Ramprasad sold property to Owen and Jennifer Speulstra 

3 Laurel Oak Lane, $252,500. Federal National Mortgage Association sold property to James Sabbag

14 Winding Ridge, $313,000. Nicholas and Teresa Rauscher sold property to Jason Stern


48 Hamilton Ave. $11,875. Jennifer Rivers sold property to James Doyle

36 Locust Ridge Dr. $222,525. Robert Dennis and Shawn Crete sold property to William Mayer and Haley Bruce


6500 Antioch Rd., $131,375. Richard Kwiatkowski sold property to CKT Venture LLC

1201 Perth Rd., $285,000. 1844 Land Development LLC sold property to Kevin Barkley


51 Lake Desolation Rd., $362,777.86. James Fauci and Howard Mierek sold property to Bank of New York 

48 Alpine Meadows Rd., $28,000. Susan Leamy sold property to Richard Zutterling

37 Locust Grove Rd., $175,000. Titan Home Builders sold property to 37 Locust Grove LLC


106 Old Post Rd., $135,000. Winners Circle Farm LLC sold property to Banana Stand LLC

9 Meadow Rue Pl., $238,000. MJS Upstate Properties LLC sold property to Raymund Racaza and Princess Erfe

424 Brownell Rd., $399,900. Robert Priest sold property to Christopher Campion

27 Bayberry Dr., $340,000. John and Darci Carril sold property to Wen Zhu

153 Arrow Wood Place. $180,000. Lee and Sarah Farrell sold property to Anabel DeHaas

280 East High St., $169,000. Mark and Julie Delfs sold property to Kevin and Victoria Burr

24 Snowberry Rd., $186,000. Michael and Kelsey Lorusso sold property to Alexis Lysyczyn

19 Avendale Dr., $357,500. Federal National Mortgage Association sold property to Thomas and Kathleen McDermott

10 Pennyroyal Rd. $296,742.19.  James Snyder and Kathleen Klein sold property to Wells Fargo Bank


11 Oakwood Court, $400,000. Chad and Aubrey Plemon sold property to Nadir and Younes Raja

441 Franklin St, $261,200. Christopher Hunter sold property to Cory and Ashley Prothero

17 Fredrick Lane, $170,000. Jarad and Eleanor Cusma sold property to Kelly Edgar

16 River Rock Dr., $282,474. John and Theresa Polson sold property to Russell and Danielle Wiltsie

29 Glen St., $175,000. Hermand and Danielle Niedhammer sold property to McConchie Properties LLC

10 Knollwood Hollow, $223,000. Edwin and Sandra Gawinski sold property to Stephen Geene and Lydia Blakeslee

1542 Amsterdam Rd., $76,666.66. James and Carolyn Cromie sold property to Cromie Farm LLC

Saratoga Springs

15 Patricia Ln., $215,000. Maria Misurelli Family Trust sold property to Mark and Annamaria Bellantoni

1 Court St., $527,500. Dorsey Family Trust sold property to Gracecourt Properties LLC

20 Joshua Rd., $627,485. Lino Del Zotto and Son Builders Inc. sold property to Michael and Stephanie Lazzari

First St., $225,000. Robert and Jason Yunich sold property to JPSMSC LLC

379 Caroline St., $283,505. Thomas and Diana Burritt sold property to Vincent Laterra

7 Vallera Rd., $450,000. Dora Quinn sold property to Paul and Patricia Peacock

79 Petrified Gardens Rd. $115,500. Northstar Mortgage LLC sold property to JWR 401 K Trust

17 Underwood Dr., $440,000. Dennis and Margaret DeJonghe sold property to James and Meredith Woolford

81 Tamarack Trail, $199,675. Cory Melsert and Pathama Pluemchit sold property to Michael and Nancy Shambo


6 Craw Lane. $80,000. William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC

38 Tom Sawyer Dr. $275,500. Ralph Naples sold property to Kevin and Julie Brasser

87 B Cobble Hill Dr., $55,566. Thomas Roohan sold property to McPadden Builders LLC

87 B Cobble Hill Dr., $336,960. McPadden Builder LLC sold property to Michael and Amy Baringer

37 Cider Mill Way, $494,648. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Robert and Debbie Jaffe

18 Rolling Green Dr., $125,000. Goodhue Wilton Properties Inc.  sold property to Henry and Donna Tan

15 Timbira Dr., $279,000. William Campola sold property to Eric and Kayla Tatko

30 Sheffiel Rd. $420,000. Michael and Shari Meehan sold property to Andrew Armstrong and Christina Damo

40 Cider Mill Way, $541,888. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to William Hefner

28 Greylock Dr., $355,000. Kevin and Julie Brasser sold property to Amanda Stevenson and Zakariae Chbili

1 Palmer Terrace, $279,427. Jennifer Fedele and Rita Young sold property to Ian and Meagan Wright

116 Cobble Hill Dr., $492,500. Randall and Diane Parker sold property to Eric Pankonin

16 Seymour Dr., $345,000. Harry and Marianne Oettinger sold property to Melissa Decker

4 Preston Court, $362,000. David Wetsel sold property to Lawrence and Deborah Casey 

21 Kendrick Hill Rd. $59,900. Rose Laskey Joint Venture sold property to Thomas and Lorraine Marola

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  • COURT Trevor L. Klock, 32, of Buffalo, was sentenced March 8 to five days jail and five years of probation, after pleading to felony DWI, in Saratoga Springs. Eric M. Jukna, 36, of Mechanicville, was sentenced March 8 to five years of probation, after pleading to felony DWI, in Malta.  Carl E. Allen, 28, of Milton, pleaded March 2 to felony criminal mischief. Sentencing scheduled for April 27.  Catherine D. Fish, 37, of Victory Mills, pleaded March 2 to felony DWI. Sentencing scheduled April 19.  Thomas J. Dingmon, 26, of Saratoga Springs, pleaded March 2 to two felony counts burglary,…

Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  15 Lancaster Court, $499,000. Timothy and Amber Miller sold property to Douglas and Martha Melville.  31 McMaster Street, $310,000. Kevin Vilardo (by Atty) and Christine Vilardo (Ind and as Atty) sold property to Daniel and Chelsea Leatham. 69 Lake Hill Road, $185,000. Earl Zip sold property to Eugene and Shannon Clark. 4 Apple Street, $314,000. Phillip Heinrichs sold property to Jennifer and Benjamin Krohn. 329 Moonlight Drive, $257,000. Thomas Benuscak sold property to Phillip Brown.  Lot 15 MacKenna Court, $545,954. John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Thomas and Erin Lavertu.  CHARLTON 239 Stage Road, $232,000. Geoffrey…
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