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Superintendent Finalists at Saratoga CSD

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SARATOGA SPRINGS – The three finalists have been narrowed down in the Saratoga Springs Central School District search for their new Superintendent. The three finalists are Dr. Michael Patton, Superintendent of South Glens Falls Central School District; Mr. Douglas Silvernell, Assistant Superintendent for 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Saratoga Springs City School District; and Dr. Timothy Terranova, Deputy Superintendent of West Irondequoit Central School District. Each finalist will give a presentation about their “entry plans” should they receive the job.

Terranova presented his entry plan on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at the Saratoga High School. He mostly focused on trust and relationships. His philosophy for his first year is to “engage the community,” according to his presentation.

“Instead of hit the ground running, hit the ground learning,” he said.

Terranova wants to support a smooth and effective transition that includes relationship building and understanding the teaching and learning that occurs in the district as well as understanding the culture and become a true member of the Saratoga Springs community. Terranova is from Rochester, New York and currently resides just outside of that area. He has worked for 24 years in the same district, West Irondequoit Central School District. If selected, he would utilize his entry plan in his post-hiring residence.

“Learning to work with leadership and teaching staff to continue and refine existing systems and processes that improve student learning. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. Continuing to strengthen community relationships, including my own family’s immersion into the daily life of Saratoga Springs and beyond,” Terranova concluded.

In regards to why Terranova chose to apply for this position, he said, “Great community and exceptional district with a community feel and a belief in continuous improvement while supporting the whole child, not just academically but socially and emotionally.”

Douglas Silvernell, who has maintained his position as Assistant Superintendent of 21st Century Teaching and Learning for the last five years, presented on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Coming from an adverse childhood and a background of poverty, Silvernell has always rooted for the underdog. If selected, his background of working hard continuously will help to form his entry plan.

His goals are to find a new high school principal, improve already impressive communication skills within the school system, and set boundaries for teachers and principals to make their own decisions within. He intends to take calculated risks in the best interest of the students, as he considers himself to be a children’s crusader.

“Protect those who need to be protected,” Silvernell said, “that is ingrained in me from my childhood.”

“This is a very strong district,” he said enthusiastically, “that did not happen by happenstance.”

Silvernell wrapped up his presentation by restating that he is extremely goal oriented and he has big goals should be chosen for this position.

Dr. Michael Patton, who is set to give his presentation on Tuesday, Oct. 3, has been the Superintendent of South Glens Falls Central School District for the past seven years and could not pass up the opportunity to work in Saratoga Springs School district.

“Having the opportunity to go through the first phases of the interview process and just meet with the different stakeholder groups within the community, I feel strongly that my core values match up with the mission and the vision of the school district. What I’m excited about is to focus on all children and what we can do as a school to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to promote student growth and make sure they can achieve their individual goals. I think every kid is unique and they have special gifts and talents to offer and so communities flourish when we have all individuals participating in our children's education. I’m a true believer in community partnerships and those are things we’ve been able to do here in South Glens Falls that we are really proud of. I think there’s just a tremendous amount of resources in Saratoga Springs that we can build upon and continue to improve not only the academic side but also the social and emotional support that our kids need in order to be successful in school,” Patton said of the opportunity to become a finalist in the Superintendent search.

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