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Property Transactions 11/9/17


599 Randall Rd., $185,000. Peter and Beverly VanAllen sold property to Shari and Elliot Kanarek. 

40 Saunders Rd., $290,000. Joan McKiever sold property to Thomas and Arielle Joyce. 

16 Parkwood Dr., $248,000. Douglas, Wayne III, Daniel and Wanda Wheeler sold property to Danielle Manning. 

2 Jacob St., $125,000. US Bank National Association (As Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Schworm Enterprises Inc. 

35 McLean St., $270,000. Steven and Re Becca Grace sold property to Janet and Paul Anderson. 

69 Jenkins Rd., $108,000. Harold Dunham (by Exec) sold property to Joseph and Nancy Ducharme. 

106 Church Ave., $205,000. Elizabeth Wilson Chavez sold property to Beth Woolston. 


1585 – 1587 Route 146, $1,356,674. Daggett Development Company LLC sold property to Guidarelli Construction Development Company LLC.

989 Hatlee Rd., $89,000. Wilington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Prediletto Realty LLC. 

28 Woodside Dr., $190,000. Robert Deluccia and Constance McCormick sold property to Cody Putnam. 

9 Hillside Dr., $268,000. Thomas and Elaine Carrubba sold property to Thor Mault and Jessica Meyers. 

139 Boyack Rd., $340,000. Inge Parlo (by Admin) sold property to John and Meghan Spring.

35 Pepper Hollow Dr. $347,500. Rose Roberts (Ind and Life Estate) and Leslie Marciano sold property to Christopher and Rachel Harrington. 

12 Honey Hollow Way, $459,556. Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to Tian Shen and Min Sun. 

42 Westchester Dr., $181,443. Meghan Spring sold property to Joseph Charron. 

12 Inverness Lane, $276,000. Alexander Liang and Dequan Yin sold property to John Franciosa. 


28 Garrison Lane, $276,000. Jonathan St. Clair and McKenzie King sold property to Robert Tucker. 

290 Ruhle Rd. South, $258,500. Michael and Sue Gunther sold property to Julia Urban and Alexander Audino. 

27 Vettura Court, $85,000. Lecmor Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 

94 Pepperbush Place, $161,67. Christian Manolakis sold property to Brett Devine and Patrick Ogar. 


213 Saratoga Ave., $200,000. Spencer and Christi Tacy sold property to Lawrence and Margaret Irving. 

204 Saratoga Ave., $152,900. Gary and Susan Heselton sold property to Eric Labrecque. 

12 Birchtree Lane, $146,000. Bank of America (by Atty) sold property to Donald Doherty.

51 Skylark Dr., $264,500. Michael and Amy Nickson sold property to Lois Leonard.

41 North High St., $220,000. Betty Collins sold property to Bradley Martin and Sonia Yau. 

1 Pinewood Lane, $152,000. Timothy and Beth Getwright sold property to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company. 


12 Burgoyne St., $115,000. Old Saratoga Property Management LLC sold property to 12 Burgoyne Street LLC.

296 Hayes Rd., $88,426. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Ethan Kilburn. 

100 Southard Rd., $435,000. Lisa and Edward Mitzen (Co-Trustees) sold property to Mark Regan and Hope Plavin. 

104 Trask Lane, $93,000. Point Four Associates sold property to Jose and Lora Segura.

83 Brown Rd., $2,575,000. Scott and Lisa Grimmett sold property to Jack and Susan Collett. 

110 US Route 4, $338,000. Karen Gage Ellsworth sold property to David Bowden and Nancy Nicsevic. 

343 County Route 68, $227,500. Craig Gaertner sold property to Kevin Hume. 

108 Green St.,$208,000. Georgia Dumas sold property to Doyellon Garrett. 

8 Pond St., $168,000. R and B Home Solutions LLC sold property to Nathaniel Fort. 

103 Cemetery Rd., $120,310. Helen Fifield sold property to Kelly Paul. 


5 Sundance Dr., $448,000. Jeffrey and Margaret Bachand (Co-Trustees) sold property to Marie Hoenings. 

115 Circular St., $825,000. Rory Whelan (by Agent) sold property to Dominick and Patricia Trimarchi. 

7 Liz Ann Dr., $630,000. Andrew and Alison Hider sold property to Alan Walther.

2 Lakewood Dr., $315,000. Shirey Dillion (as trustee) sold property to Katrina Jackson. 

17 Salem Dr., $326,000. Thomas Simmons sold property to Stephen Burger and Carmen Vasquez. 


8 Winners Place, $253,740. Torki Rabat sold property to Kyle Bennett. 

Groncziak Rd., $50,000. Gabriel and Sue Raia sold property to Michael Whitney. 


16 Tawny Terrace, $120,000. T and G Associates and Tra Tom Development Inc. and Galusha LLC sold property to DEC Development LLC.

13 Carlyle Terrace, $579,000. Charles and Monika Gronin sold property to Sheri Templar.

48 Whispering Pines Rd., $165,000. Mary Mottau sold property to Justin and Kristi Pliscofsky. 

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON SPA 4 Saddlebrook Blvd., $471,204. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Mark and Cathy Molampy.  24 Saddlebrook Blvd., Lot 60, $369,344. Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property to Gregory Giuliano. 52 Sycamore St., $355,000. Mir Ali sold property to James Church III and Suzanne Rotella.  42 Chester St., $230,000. Matthew Spencer sold property to Andre Noel. 1 Howard St., $195,000. Donald and Bonnie Botsford sold property to Benjamin and Ashley Newsom.  MALTA 52 Wineberry Lane, $261,000.Gary Carpino and Jacqueline Brown-Carpino sold property to Michael and Cherie Powers.  122 Plum Poppy North, $388,234. Marini Land II Inc. sold…
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