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Property Transactions 10/20/17


48 Everson Way, $322,500. Saurabh and Sanitha Gupta sold property to Michael Sander.


53 Old Stage Rd., $266,500. Brenda Tessier sold property to Christopher and Jennifer Cole.

309 Stage Rd., $283,000. Judith Halstead sold property to Jeffrie Heck II. 


7 Madison Way, $353,000. Alan Walther sold property to Rahulajay Trivedi and Janhavi Desai.

3 Garrison Lane, $305,000. Robert and Marguerite Guthorn sold property to Keith and Camilla Powell. 

1B LaCosta Dr., $149,000. Linda Baker, Daniel Baker (Ind and as Atty) and Katherine Baker (by Atty) sold property to Jerry Burt, Sr. and John Burt. 

25 Orchard Park Dr., $439,900. Jairo and Ceilo Gallego sold property to Chandra Mudupu Reddy and Swarooparani Mudupu Reddy. 

33 Longwood Dr., $266,000. Jeffrey and Rachel Bissell sold property to Tristan Stull. 

9 Carriage Rd., $167,000. Eileen Clearly (by Exec) sold property to Lee Bates. 

22 Chatsworth Way, $400,000. Pamela Perrot sold property to Fereshteh Shojaie. 


605 Palmer Ave., $149,000. Joshua and Kayla Butler sold property to Frank and Jean Wad.

23 Pine St., $142,000. Ruth Theilemann sold property to Konnor Kirchhoff. 

45 Foltz Rd., $169,000. Willard Conley, Jr. (Trustee) and Rose Conley (Trustee) sold property to Nicole and Kerry Sumner. 

126 Hunt Lake Rd., $170,000. James Densmore sold property to Michele and Dieter Funiciello. 


3056 Shaw Rd., $360,000. Mark and Anneke Pribis (by Agent) sold property to Anna Laloe.

2926 State Route 29, $55,000. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Helen Frey. 

5044 Bliss Rd., $25,000. Cheryl and Marion Richardson sold property to Jane Brooker.


85 Thimbleberry Rd., $117,000. Fannie Mae sold property to Thomas Wallace.

7 Twinflower Court, $441,000. John Rudick and Heather Willig sold property to Jerald and Kelli Rappleyea. 

2 Jean Lane, $610,000. Joshua and Aminee Spiegel sold property to John Rudick and Heather Willig. 


 89 Ordelia Lane, $334,000. Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Dustin and Andrea Klotz. 

47 Candlewood Dr., $432,000. Daniela Bigalli sold property to Jamie and Anthony Cooper.

25 Thistle Dr., $320,000. Zachary and Laura Weiland sold property to Matthew Huss. 

8 Century Dr., $407,000. Matthew and Laurie Sickles sold property to David and Sybil Newell. 

1 Second St., $182,000. Carol McLaughlin sold property to Christian Tiberia and Kelly Fitzgibbon. 

73 Meadow Rue Place, $234,900. Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Dominick Bloss. 


137 Rowland St., $310,000. Martina Belanger sold property to Patrick Gallo and Rose Santor. 

3 Trieble Ave., $340,000. Mill Creek Group LLC sold property to Mr. Bills Car Hop LLC. 

3 North St., $195,000. Elena Klimova sold property to Nicholas and Kathleen Patrizio. 


16 Tamarac Dr., $329,335. Michaels Group LLC sold property to Daniel and Susan Cronin

34 Chestnut St., $143,100. Donald Woodward (by Admin) sold property to Brian Boyce. 

98 Sisson Rd., $114,900. Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to William Smith. 


34 Quevic Dr., $219,000. Brian and Meghan Powell sold property to Diana Pogorzelski. 

25 Spa Dr., $270,000. Aaron Ditch and Amy Domurad sold property to David Lombardo and Bethany Bump. 

11 Jumel Place, $365,000. Mary Hibbert sold property to Timothy and Lisa Higgins. 

20 Quevic Dr., $150,000. Beverley Moore (by Exec) sold property to Gregory Moore. 

70 Monroe St., $246,500. Cynthia Parker sold property to George Kenyon. 

4 Eureka Dr., $225,000. Karla Streeter sold property to Pamela Wilson.

12 Dyer Switch Rd., $405,000. Michele Morris sold property to Leslie Lenowens (as Trustee). 

13 Persimmion Place, $204,700. Joseph Street Saratoga LLC sold property to Michael and Joanne Fazioli. 

11 Martin Ave., $267,500. Raymond Nichols, Jr. sold property to Richard and Susan Cooley. 

42 Michael Dr., $292,000. Michael and Alyssa Read sold property to Amy Domurad and Aaron Ditch. 

25 Stafford Bridge Rd., $215,000. Germaine Heitmann sold property to Toby Milde.


7 Clubhouse Court, $341,500. Lori Ely sold property to Kyle and Breanna Hobbs. 

35 Lake St., $46,001. Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Sasi Cheruva. 

13 School St., $90,800. Lucielle Canary sold property to Scott Decelle. 

3 Putnam Rd., $180,000. Janice Haney (as Trustee) sold property to Peter Buck. 


87 Jones Rd., $48,000. Pamela Upton sold property to Peter Davis and David Howard.

20 Apple Tree Lane, $322,000. Nichole and Gary Benincasa sold property to Matthew Pusatere.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON SPA 4 Saddlebrook Blvd., $471,204. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Mark and Cathy Molampy.  24 Saddlebrook Blvd., Lot 60, $369,344. Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property to Gregory Giuliano. 52 Sycamore St., $355,000. Mir Ali sold property to James Church III and Suzanne Rotella.  42 Chester St., $230,000. Matthew Spencer sold property to Andre Noel. 1 Howard St., $195,000. Donald and Bonnie Botsford sold property to Benjamin and Ashley Newsom.  MALTA 52 Wineberry Lane, $261,000.Gary Carpino and Jacqueline Brown-Carpino sold property to Michael and Cherie Powers.  122 Plum Poppy North, $388,234. Marini Land II Inc. sold…
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